Securities, such as shares and bonds, as well as assets and capital investments and other financial instruments are fundamentally associated with economic risks. They should only be part of a diversified investment strategy and a more comprehensive portfolio. They are only suitable for investors who can bear the risk of a total loss of the invested capital.

Please read carefully the information provided. If necessary, seek advice from an independent and knowledgeable person or institution before making a decision. For further information on the risks, please refer to the respective documents provided.

The warnings pursuant to Section 12 (2) and (3) VermAnlG apply in particular to asset investments: The acquisition of this/these asset investment(s) is associated with considerable risks and may lead to the complete loss of the capital invested. The promised return is not guaranteed and may also be lower.

Similar risk warnings also apply to other financial instruments. Unless there is a statutory exemption from the prospectus requirement (such as the exemption for swarm financing regulated in the German Investment Act), a securities/issuance prospectus is published for the investments brokered by us. This contains specific risk information. In the case of all investments brokered here, there is no obligation to make additional contributions and no liability on the part of the investor for the business activities of the provider or issuer of the investment.

Please refer to the product-specific risk information for further information. These explain in detail which risks are associated with the respective financial instrument. The risk of loss for all financial instruments brokered by us is limited to the amount invested and not yet repaid.

Our tip

Such risk warnings should also never be missing from other providers! We recommend refraining from dubious offers that do not contain a transparent risk or warning notice. In general, it is advisable to spread the risk of an investment by investing in several products (diversification).

Risks can occur not only individually, but also cumulatively. As a result, risk consequences can intensify beyond the sum of the effects of the individual risks, which can result in particularly adverse effects. The realisation of individual or several risks can lead to the insolvency of the respective issuer. The investor would lose his claims from the financial instrument (total loss).

In individual cases, this may also affect the investor in his personal economic situation, in particular if he obtains debt financing for the financial instrument, e.g. through a bank loan, or if he is affected by government levies or taxes. Irrespective of whether the investor receives payments from the issuer (in particular interest and repayment), he would be obliged to make the debt service (interest and repayment) for any personal debt financing of his investment or to repay the personal debt financing early. Personal debt financing of the financial instruments offered here is expressly discouraged.

Furthermore, at the level of the investor, there is the risk that he may be subject to further payment obligations, in particular government levies or taxes on the purchase, sale, interest or repayment of the financial instruments. All this can lead to the investor either having to sell his financial instrument or terminate it prematurely in order to be able to meet his payment obligations, or - especially if this is not possible or not possible in time or if the necessary funds cannot be obtained in the process - that he must meet the payment obligations from his other assets, i.e. from funds other than the financial instrument. If such funds are not sufficiently available or cannot be obtained, there is a risk of enforcement against the investor's other assets, which can lead to the investor's personal insolvency as a maximum risk.