Legal situation

In principle, any asset can be tokenised. The decisive factors are the legal situation in the jurisdictions of the issuers and the investors as well as the structuring of the security.

Examples of digital financing instruments are:

  • digital (fan) bonds,
  • digital participation certificates,
  • digital securitisation of rights (transfer, marketing, etc.) and future revenues,
  • digital shares, company shares and convertible bonds,
  • the tokenisation of (existing) securities. This works with a tracker certificate. Example: Our partner Cashlink has already issued digital securities based on Deutsche Telekom shares together with a bank partner as part of a private placement. These are certificates in which the two underlyings are mapped with a defined number of tokens.

Together with our partners, we can tokenize all common financial instruments, including equity, and make them available to investors in Germany and other European countries as well as in many jurisdictions worldwide. With our partners, we ensure regulatory satisfaction.