Issuing digital securities is a team effort.

We use the expertise of our partners to ensure a smooth and legally compliant structuring of your digital security. This also includes a regular exchange with the supervisory authorities.

A token is a unique digital object, a token comparable to a coin, a bank note, or even a security certificate in the physical world. These unique digital objects are an essential innovation that emerged from Bitcoin. This made it possible for the first time to transfer ownership rights to digital objects directly between two actors on the internet.

The tokens "live" on a blockchain. This is a database distributed on several computers in a network (= nodes) in which the properties of the securities, property rights and transactions are documented, automatically synchronised (by a so-called consensus mechanism) with several copies in a network and stored cryptographically secured with a time stamp. This is done by combining several transactions into "blocks". Overall, this creates a "single source of truth" and transactions and (depending on the type of blockchain, possibly pseudonymous) ownership relationships become auditable. A security thus becomes a digital security that can be issued, held and traded via the internet. This is also referred to as Security Token Offerings (STO).

This has been realised several times in Germany since the Bitbond STO in 2019, most recently, for example, with the issue of the Tomorrow Bank profit participation right, which is based on the technical platform of our partner Cashlink.

The development in the field of digital securities is roughly comparable to that in the field of distribution and use of music and video content. It follows the pattern: first slowly, then suddenly: This has led, for example, to the meteoric rise of streaming services and the rapid bankruptcy of the video rental giant Blockbuster.

Software eats the world.

Digital securities make it possible for issuers, for example:

  • Expand the classic investor base internationally, e.g. to the broader international fan community, generally digital-savvy private investors and SME entrepreneurs/companies,
  • Engage directly with a broader circle of potential investors worldwide and to retain them in the long term,
  • Realise synergies with the Liquiditeam fan engagement solution: for example, the securities can be linked to the utility tokens of the Liquiditeam Fan Platform,
  • To take advantage of the cost and speed benefits of a digital issue.

Investors can:

  • Acquire digital securities very easily,
  • Trade digital securities globally 24/7, very soon also on regulated markets that are being set up worldwide by established exchange operators such as the Stuttgart Stock Exchange or Deutsche Börse,
  • gain access to asset classes that were previously only available to large investors, e.g. rights to future revenues, transfer rights if applicable.