What we do

Liquiditeam Sports Invest is the platform for investing in digital securities from the world of sports. Together with a growing network of Partners we connect issuers of and investors in digital versions of securities, for example digital fan bonds, participation certificates, certificates and shares.

Clubs and athletes can place their assets on the capital market or raise money for projects. Fans and investors can support their clubs or athletes and/or participate in their financial success.

Liquiditeam also offers the LT Fan Platform, with which clubs and athletes can create new forms of engagement with their fans as well as new digital business models.

Both solutions stand for themselves. A combination of the LT Fan Platform and LT Sports Invest offers special opportunities for issuers and investors.

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We are a team of experienced specialists in the field of digital securities and sports.

Hendrik Hoppenworth

Playmaker, Founder, CEO

Dr Oliver Krause

Coach, Founder, Chairman

We are supported by our colleagues at Liquiditeam and our Partnerswho all have extensive expertise in relevant areas.