The platform for digital securities in sports

LT Sports Invest is the link between fans, investors, clubs, and athletes. Clubs and athletes pursue ambitious projects to offer fans a great experience ranging from: building a new stadium, digitizing sports operations and fan relations, acquiring star talent, the long-term development of athletic skills, and much more.

Until now, the money has often come from Family Offices, Hedgefunds, or High Networth Individuals. Fans and investors who want to invest smaller amounts rarely have access to this asset class. We want to change that.

The opportunity: Successful clubs and athletes have been generating increasing profits for years - and the performance is independent of many other investments such as real estate or shares.

LT Sports Invest offers fans the opportunity to get directly involved with smaller investments.

Assets from the world of sports can be acquired directly from the issuer with LT Sports Invest in the form of digital securities.

Digital securities make it possible. We use blockchain technology and offer a forward-looking and legally secure platform for issuing and investing in digital securities.

Professional sports clubs and athletes can now raise capital from a larger, international investor base with the LT Sports Invest platform. Together, we create a customised, flexible financial instrument that meets your financing needs.

Fans and investors can easily invest in their favourite club or athlete. Investors can diversify into an asset class that was previously hardly accessible and not correlated with other investments such as real estate or shares.

Your advantages

As a fan or investor, do you want to support your club or athlete and / or are you looking for an attractive return opportunity? With LT Sports Invest you gain access to an asset class that has been difficult to access for a broader audience.

As a club or athlete, are you looking for capital to test new markets? Our digital securities platform was developed specifically for the needs of the sports industry. Clubs and athletes broaden their investor base with the LT Sports Invest platform and empower the most loyal fans to join you along the way.

A wide range of financial products can be issued as digital securities. From digital bonds to profit participation rights, digital shares to tokenised funds - together with our partners, we structure a customised digital solution for your financing needs.

Let's talk about how we can help you.

Our Partners

Issuing digital securities is a team effort.

We use the expertise of our partners to ensure a smooth and legally compliant structuring of your digital security. This also includes a regular exchange with the supervisory authorities.

Our growing ecosystem of strong partners combines years of experience and has successfully structured and issued Digital Securities.

Together we identify your potential for the use of digital securities.

Liquiditeam offers

An outstanding and experienced team for digital securities and financing solutions
Sports industry veterans and experts
Modern processes and infrastructure that have already proven valuable
All regulatory requirements are met
Licences are available in Germany, the EU and many other international jurisdictions.
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Capital & Fan Engagement United

Using the LT Fan Platform,  fans have other additional benefits in addition to the potential return on investment. Examples include voting, access to exclusive content and direct interaction with club representatives and/or athletes.

Issuers can thus make their offer even more attractive.